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Questgiver Kwint


Description Kwint is a lumberjack that hands out quests relating to woodcutting Type: McMMO Location: McMMO square Screenshot: Quests: Chopping some treesPlanting some trees  

Faction Diplomacy: Faction Ranks

Minecraft Factions Tutorial

Within every Faction diplomacy is a thing. Not just external diplomacy is real, allies, enemies and neutral Factions will come upon your path. But internal diplomacy is also happening! This happens with Faction Ranks. Faction ranks allow you to set permission...

Common issues

Spawners information

My cow spawner is not spawning any cows, it's been a while! Make sure you have enough light around your spawner, placing glow stone underneath / above your spawner could help. Also make sure there is grass around your cow spawner, this is required for cows to...

Moving spawners

Spawners information

Requires Silk Touch enchanted pickaxe! Should I say more? I mean you can look up online how to get a Silk enchanted pickaxe. Nah... just kidding here's a step-by-step guide by capfan67 from Reddit ;) Silk Touch is one of the enchants you may occasionally se...

Buying Spawners

Spawners information

Spawners can be purchased at spawn, at the Spawner merchant! The merchant will tell you the exact current price of a spawner in Gold blocks! Spawner upgrades Spawners can be upgraded after you purchase them! Some features; Change entity type Increase ...

Why you don't wanna do a water or lava base

How to protect your base

Okay, let's keep this short and simple. We have custom plugins that make TNT blow up underwater and in lava. So by all means build your base and try to defend it with water flowing over it, you will be raided. Trust me.

Strategy: Checkerboard pattern

How to protect your base

If obsidian is expensive, and you want the most efficient way to defend your base with it, the chequerboard pattern strategy might be suitable for you.   Example design of Obsidian wall.   X   X   X   X X   X   X   X     X   ...

Installing Optifine in Minecraft

Improving Minecraft Performance

This tutorial page explains how to install Optifine for Minecraft. What is Optifine? "OptiFine is a Minecraft optimization mod. It allows Minecraft to run faster and look better with full support for HD textures and many configuration options." (Optifine) O...

minecraft performance

Frequently Asked Questions

Getting started

This section covers some frequently asked questions that we get from new players. Is villager trading enabled?Yes villager trading is enabled. How can I go to the wild?Type /warp factions, then type /wild Is it possible to have villagers breeding when mob...

Minecraft Factions Commands

Minecraft Factions Tutorial

Here you find a list of all the commands relevant to Minecraft Factions. Faction Territory Faction Management /f claim claim land /f unclaim unclaim land. /f create [faction name] create a Minecraft Faction /f power get your current faction ...

Chopping some trees


Description: Kwint will ask you to cut down 96 logs Starts at:Citizens NPC: Kwint ID: 30Ends at:Citizens NPC: Kwint ID: 30 Requirements: Cooldown:Weekly Objectives 1. Listen to Kwint2. Chop down 96 logs (chosen at random) Rewards: 300$ 15 quest poi...

What is Factions Power

Minecraft Factions Tutorial

Faction power, is the power you require to be holding claims. The more claims you make, the more power you will require! Each claim requires 1 power to defend. Each individual player has 12 power. This means, you can technically hold 12 claims without an enem...


Getting started with Minecraft Factions

Minecraft Factions Tutorial

How to create a Faction? Creating a Faction is the first thing you do, it's super easy. To do so, you can use the command, /f create [faction name goes here] After doing so, you should see the following message, "You created a new faction "name goes here" ...

Claiming your Factions Territory

Minecraft Factions Tutorial

In order to claim some land, you will have to go to the wilderness, often called by veteran players, "the wild". The wild is located on the Factions map server! More on the wilderness, read about it here. Once you arrive in the wilderness, you can start claim...

Moderator Toolkit

Moderator Guideline

- Matrix AntiCheat, announcements of violations of players. - Player Reports, Moderators can use the command /report list to view all the results - Muting players/mute - Tempban /tempban user reason (max 1 month) - Replays /replays. Coming soon...

Inceputul World

World information

Inceputul World is the first faction world that will be launched. Map Dimensions World 1 The Inceputul World 1 Map will be 25000x25000 blocks. Map Dimensions Nether 1 The Inceputul Nether Map will be 12500x12500 blocks. Map Dimensions The End 1 The  End ...

The Rules & Guidelines

Getting started

Rules & Guidelines are listed on our website, at We have removed them of the Wiki to keep them up to date in 1 place.  

Questgiver Marlin


Description Bob is a builder NPC that hands out quests related to building. Type: Misc Location: McMMO square Screenshot: Quests:

Planting some trees


Description: Kwint will ask you to cut down 96 logs Starts at:Citizens NPC: Kwint ID: 30Ends at:Citizens NPC: Kwint ID: 30 Requirements: None Cooldown:Weekly Objectives 1. Listen to Kwint2. Plant 50 saplings3. Return to Kwint Rewards: 150$ 7 quest p...

Faction Warps

Minecraft Factions Tutorial

Need additional homes? You can have 1 personal /set home but in case you need more, you can use Faction Warps. Every faction can set a maximum of 3 faction warps! You can use /f setwarp! 1. Go to the location you want to have as a warp, needs to be claimed ...