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Dungeon setup and building

Getting started

Getting started on United Factions.

How to protect your base

How to defend your base with the strongest materials in Minecraft

Improving Minecraft Performance

This guide is about how to increase performance of Minecraft on both new and older computers.

In game chat

Help with in game chat!

Join using Bedrock Edition

How to play on Bedrock Edition for PC, Consoles, Mobile


Here you can find information about our mcMMO setup, levels, skills, disabled skills and reasons.

Minecraft Factions Tutorial

The Tutorial Section with everything you have to know about Factions

Moderator Guideline

This book is about Moderator Guidelines and how to respond, what tools you have to help you in your job as Moderator of United ...

Player Shops

Player shops can be found at /warp playershops. On United Factions it is possible to rent your own shop at spawn. This shop ...

Plugins & Commands

Plugins and how they work, their commands and so on

PS4 / XBox / Switch : How to Join

This guide learns you how you can connect with your Playstation 4 and Xbox One to our server.



Spawners information

Information about spawners

TNT cannons

TNT cannons and how to create them

What is Minecraft Factions?

Minecraft Factions allows you and your friends to set up a group of players, as a team. This player group is called a faction. ...