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Players Guide

Some basic information for new players on the server covering information about frequently asked questions!

Defending your base

Learn how to defend against raids


How to raid your enemies!

Minecraft Factions Tutorial

This book contains a guide with everything you need to know about Minecraft Factions.


Guide on how to earn money Guide to player shops Guide to safe trading

player shops
earn money

Plugins & Commands

Plugins and how they work, their commands and so on


Dungeon setup and building


TNT cannons

TNT cannons and how to create them

How to protect your base

How to defend your base with the strongest materials in Minecraft

Getting started

Getting started on United Factions.




World information

Inforamtion about the MAP, the Worlds and Factions

Moderator Guideline

This book is about Moderator Guidelines and how to respond, what tools you have to help you in your job as Moderator of United Factions.

What is Minecraft Factions?

Minecraft Factions allows you and your friends to set up a group of players, as a team. This player group is called a faction. You can claim land in the wild, so no one else can build there but members of your faction! You can then build a base, it's mainly r...

Minecraft Factions Tutorial

The Tutorial Section with everything you have to know about Factions

Improving Minecraft Performance

This guide is about how to increase performance of Minecraft on both new and older computers.

Spawners information

Information about spawners

PS4 / XBox / Switch : How to Join

This guide learns you how you can connect with your Playstation 4 and Xbox One to our server.


Here you can find information about our mcMMO setup, levels, skills, disabled skills and reasons.

Join using Bedrock Edition

How to play on Bedrock Edition for PC, Consoles, Mobile

In game chat

Help with in game chat!

Player Shops

Player shops can be found at /warp playershops. On United Factions it is possible to rent your own shop at spawn. This shop allows you to sell items in chests whilst under the protection that spawn offers. Sales can also be made when you are offline and you...


Plugins & Commands

Essentials and all its dependancies

Admin Plugins

Plugins & Commands

Technical documentation on server mechanics and performance.


Plugins & Commands

Dungeons XL and dependancies

How to build a TNT cannon?

TNT cannons

In order to build a TNT cannon... you can go through the in game tutorial, more information here soon.


Plugins & Commands


Plugins & Commands


Plugins & Commands Admin Plugins

Permissions done right


Plugins & Commands Admin Plugins


Plugins & Commands DungeonsXL


Plugins & Commands DungeonsXL


Plugins & Commands


Plugins & Commands Admin Plugins


Plugins & Commands Admin Plugins


Plugins & Commands


Plugins & Commands


Plugins & Commands Admin Plugins


Plugins & Commands DungeonsXL


Plugins & Commands

UnderWaterTNT makes it possible to raid, the (almost) unraidable base. In some Minecraft version, it became impossible to blow up TNT underwater, although before it was possible. TNT cannons would however not blow up. To mimic this experience in our servers, ...


Plugins & Commands

Advanced Enchantments

Plugins & Commands Admin Plugins



Purpose of dungeons and design Dungeons need to be a part of the overall faction experience. They should not be a separate thing. This has to be kept in mind when designing a dungeon. When a player joins a dungeon, alone or with friends, they enter with thei...

Block strengths table

How to protect your base

In United Factions everything is raidable. There are no unraidable bases. However there are blocks that can make raiding a little harder for an attacker / enemy. This is the table and amount of blasts it takes to blow up a wall fortified with these materials....

Where to get obsidian?

How to protect your base

Where can you get obsidian? You have a few options. Buy it in the server shop! Go to a cave and dig it up in a lava pool! Create an impossible to create Obsidian generator (new Minecraft physics laws have decided to break the Obsidian generator) There is...