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Purpose of dungeons and design

Dungeons need to be a part of the overall faction experience. They should not be a separate thing. This has to be kept in mind when designing a dungeon.

When a player joins a dungeon, alone or with friends, they enter with their own gear. This gear they have collected in the normal world. Dungeons are meant as a high-risk high reward place for players to get better gear and weapons. Also, certain enchantments which are otherwise not available in the normal game can be acquired here.

The difficulty of dungeons can vary, but the awards that a player can collect in one should match its difficulty. Three levels of difficulty that can be chosen from are:

  • Normal
  • Hard
  • Very hard


Each dungeon has a full custom armour set as a reward with a weapon, such as a sword or a bow. This set can be gathered throughout the dungeon. Depending on the difficulty of the dungeon, there are some restrictions on the enchantment levels an item is allowed to have.

Normal difficulty

For normal difficulty dungeons, each item of the item in the set is only allowed to have a single enchantment with the max level being MAX_LEVEL - 2. No custom enchants using the Advancedenchantment plugin may be added to the items.

Hard difficulty

For hard difficulty dungeons, the items may have two enchantments, of which one is allowed to have a custom enchant of the group SIMPLE - ELITE of the advanced enchantment plugin. The max level of regular enchantments may only be MAX_LEVEL -1.

Very hard difficulty

Very hard dungeons are allowed to have all enchantments. These dungeons should be so difficult that they are almost impossible to beat when the player does not have strong gear or good teamwork. The slightest mistake in strategy should be enough for a player to die. The dungeons give the highest rewards and may have 2 custom advanced enchantment plugin enchantments and any other normal Minecraft enchantment adding up to a total of 4. A final fifth enchantment has to be added to every single item called "Curse of Vanishing". These items should be destroyed when the player dies and not be dropped.