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Faction Diplomacy: Faction Ranks

Within every Faction diplomacy is a thing. Not just external diplomacy is real, allies, enemies and neutral Factions will come upon your path. But internal diplomacy is also happening!

This happens with Faction Ranks. Faction ranks allow you to set permissions for individual Faction groups within your Faction. This option is optional and very advanced.

Players who join your Faction are by default added as a member. We do this to make the user experience easier, Factions is too complicated for many young players.

  • If you want to change this for your Faction, you can use the command /f defaultrole recruit e.g.

We encourage Factions who invite new members into their Faction to experiment and try Ranks to enhance the security of their Faction.

There are 4 Faction ranks you can set for members in your Faction:

  • Recruit
  • Member
  • Moderator
  • Co Leader

You can set each group's permissions on what they are allowed to do and what not, by typing /f perm

After typing /f perm you will see the following gui:


image-1609194780869.pngWhen you right-click on the group you can set individual permissions for that group. E.g. you can deny the use of levers by recruit members. Or the access of chests for example. This way you can invite new players without having to worry about them stealing your valuables or griefing your Faction!



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