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What is Factions Power

Faction power, is the power you require to be holding claims.

The more claims you make, the more power you will require! Each claim requires 1 power to defend. Each individual player has 12 power. This means, you can technically hold 12 claims without an enemy Faction being able to claim your land!

But if you die, or get killed you temporary loose 3 power points! This possibly could result in you losing 3 out of the 12 claims!

During an attack / raid from another Faction you could get killed, and they could over claim your base! Therefore, it's important to have a threshold of max power / claims.

This is why having a few more members / players in your Faction can allow you to create a larger base without necessarily creating a vulnerability to your base.

You gain 1 power per 5 minutes. Meaning that you'd need 15 minutes before you regain the lost 3 power from death.

- To show your Faction's current power you can type  /f show
- To show your own current power you can type /f power

- To show another Faction's power you can type /f show [faction name]

You can see your current power / faction power / stats by holding the TAB key on your keyboard!

Handy to know during an attack / raid

- Claims can be overtaken at any point, not just the edge of your claims! So beware of hostile enemy Factions killing you and keep track of your power.
- Power can become be a major game changer to who will win a raid / attack.

A successful defending strategy can stop a raid in its tracks. A successful raid can cripple a faction and weaken them for days!

Remember there are rules!

One of these rules is that you can not keep on to land you have claimed during your raid after you finish raiding. You cannot force the faction you attacked to move their base due to some awkward claim you have made. If this happens to your faction, you can report it with /report and an admin will come to assist you to resolve this.

More rules can be found at

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