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Buying Spawners

Spawners can be purchased at spawn, at the Spawner merchant!


The merchant will tell you the exact current price of a spawner in Gold blocks!

Spawner upgrades

Spawners can be upgraded after you purchase them! Some features;

  • Change entity type
  • Increase interval of mobs spawning from spawner within set time.
  • Increase Nearby entities / Bigger groups of entities
  • Player distance upgrades, ensuring to spawn mobs even when far away!
  • A bit more you will figure out yourself in time.

To upgrade a spawner, right click on it to open the Spawner menu:


Do not be confused my friend!

The currency symbol $ is displayed, this is a plugin limitation. $1 = 1 gold ingot bar.
So in example: $ 256 to change the mob type to a Creeper, is 256 gold ingot bars.