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Frequently Asked Questions

This section covers some frequently asked questions that we get from new players.

  • Is villager trading enabled?
    Yes villager trading is enabled.
  • How can I go to the wild?
    Type /warp factions, then type /wild
  • Is it possible to have villagers breeding when mobs are stacked?
    Yes because villagers are not stacked!
  • Are you allowed to make a base in the Nether or the End?
    Yes you are allowed to build a base in Nether or the End, but you cannot claim in these worlds!
    These worlds might be reset at any given time! Be careful with leaving your stuff in the Nether or the End!
  • Entities as zombies, ender man, creepers, chicken and cows are all stacking, is this a bug?
    This is to guarantee server performance with higher player loads!
    • But I have some chicken, cows, pigs I want to breed! is that still possible?!
      Yes it is, just feed them and the server will unstack them for you and make breeding possible.
      Note: If you try to breed in a 1x1 block, aka inside an egg farmer, it won't work. Use a bigger space to bread.