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Renting a shop region

Renting a shop

To rent a shop you have to go to /warp playershops. At this location you find various buildings with signs next to the door. When a shop is available for rent, the sign will display For Rent and you can right click the sign to rent the shop for a day. Right clicking the sign multiple times makes you rent it for multiple days.

Once you've rented a shop region, you can place blocks inside the building and design it to your specific style.


Useful shop managing commands:

/arm sellback [REGION]

Accidentally rented a region? No problem! You can sell it back to the server. This will pay you back a percentage of the time you still have left on the shop.

/arm settplocation
/arm settplocation delete

Set/unset the location your costumers will be teleported to when they directly teleport to your shop.

/arm addmember [REGION] [PLAYER]
/arm removemember [REGION] [PLAYER]

Add or remove members to your shop who can also place down chests/manage inventory.

/arm regionfinder

Finds regions still available for rent

/arm gui

Open region GUI, allows you to see regions that you own and of which you are a member.

/arm tp [REGION]

Teleport to your region