What is Minecraft Factions?

Minecraft Factions allows you and your friends to set up a group of players, as a team. This player group is called a faction. You can claim land in the wild, so no one else can build there but members of your faction!
You can then build a base, it's mainly referred to by its original creators, "a self serve anti griefing system". (MassiveCraft)

Factions are all about diplomacy and wars, also often referred to as raids. Raids / Wars are times when another Faction attacks you, or you attack them! You can steal their loot, but there are rules! Somewhat complicated rules that you need to get yourself familiar with! That's what this book is all about.

Leaders of Factions (Faction admin) will be able to control who can edit / add / remove Faction Land. There are many rules involved in Factions, that require a little learning curve.

Siege war with other Minecraft Factions, or seek alliances with other Factions, you are in control of this game! Good luck!