How to protect your base

How to defend your base with the strongest materials in Minecraft

Block strengths table

In United Factions everything is raidable. There are no unraidable bases.

However there are blocks that can make raiding a little harder for an attacker / enemy. This is the table and amount of blasts it takes to blow up a wall fortified with these materials.

Block Type Amount of TNT shots Further info
Any type of brick block, stonebrick etc. 2 This includes stone brick, decorated bricks etc.
Any type of concrete block 3 This includes any colour of concrete blocks.
Bricks 5 Bricks are quite sturdy against TNT
Obsidian 25 Yep obsidian, almost indestructible but not impossible!
Crying Obsidian 40 Crying obsidian, the strongest material after bedrock!

Visualization of defensive bricks:


Where to get obsidian?

Where can you get obsidian? You have a few options.

  1. Buy it in the server shop!
  2. Go to a cave and dig it up in a lava pool!
  3. Create an impossible to create Obsidian generator (new Minecraft physics laws have decided to break the Obsidian generator)
  4. There is a place where there is more Obsidian than anywhere else in Minecraft. You should know!
  5. Wait till 1.17 they have surprises for you here.


Strategy: Checkerboard pattern

If obsidian is expensive, and you want the most efficient way to defend your base with it, the chequerboard pattern strategy might be suitable for you.


Example design of Obsidian wall.
  X   X   X   X
X   X   X   X  
  X   X   X   X
X   X   X   X  

X = obsidian
Open = Stone brick e.g. or another block.+

Example wall: