All commands are prefixed with /dxl

break Break a block protected by DungeonsXL
chat Change the chat mode
chatspy Dis/enables the spymode
create Creates a new dungeon
dungeonItem ([true/false]) Shows / sets the item in your hand to be a dungeon item
edit Edit an existing dungeon
escape Leaves the current dungeon, without saving!
help Shows the help page
invite Invite a player to edit a dungeon
leave Leaves the current dungeon
list Lists all dungeons
lives Shows the lives a player has left
  General status information
msg Show or edit a message
play Allows the player to join a game without a portal
portal Creates a portal that leads into a dungeon
reload Reloads the plugin
save Saves the current dungeon
test Tests a dungeon
uninvite Uninvite a player to edit a dungeon

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